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Hurricane Katrina has touched everyone in one way or another. And that includes coaches all across America. Here is a sampling of the thoughts and comments of coaches who are a part of the "Coaches Care" effort.

“Every time you turn on the television you see the devastation from Hurricane Katrina. It makes you realize what is really important in this world--life. It makes you realize how lucky and fortunate we are for the life we live everyday.

Two of my former assistant coaches are at Tulane and I immediately wanted to get in touch with them and their families after the hurricane hit. It was very hard to get in contact with them and their families, but I finally got through and thankfully, they are all right.

Too many are not as fortunate. When I watch the coverage on television I'm reminded of all the people who couldn't make it through the Hurricane and it saddens me. I'm also aware the people in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast don't have the luxuries we take for granted, and too many don't have the necessity of shelter and family. Too many have lost too much.

We have the opportunity to help restore some of what those affected have lost and I'd like everyone to help in any and every way possible.”
                                                                               - JIM MORRIS (Baseball Coach, University of Miami)

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FRANK BEAMER (Football Coach, Virginia Tech): “This is definitely the time for people to come together and help. Please join us and help make this a success.”

BART BELLAIRS (Associate Athletics Director, Virginia Military Institute): “As an American and a father and mostly a human being we owe it to what's good in all of us to give, help and pray for those directly and indirectly involved. This is not going away-our world is changing in so many ways that those of us who are leaders need to lead! Lets all get involved to some extent!”

JOHN BRADY (Men’s Basketball Coach, Louisiana State University): “We have all in some way shape or form been touched by the destruction of Hurricane Katrina. We are seeing it first hand in the triage unit of our Maravich Center where many of our players have offered their time freely to help in any way possible. I am happy to join the coaches in coming together for this effort to help our friends in need.”

MIKE BREY (Men’s Basketball Coach, University of Notre Dame): “As coaches, we invariably get caught up with the idea of wins and losses during the course of a season. The recent events and the devastation that has occurred in the South really puts a lot of things in perspective for all of us. Being associated with the "Coaches Care" on-line auction is just one small way that we can help the families and individuals who have lost their homes and their loved ones begin the process of rebuilding their lives.”

BRIAN CLEARY (Baseball Coach, University of Cincinnati): “I can only imagine how difficult it is to carry on for the people of New Orleans and the other areas affected by Katrina. The worst disaster we have seen will need to be met with as much support as can be provided and so I am anxious to help. So many lives have been disrupted and will need significant help to return to normal. As someone who lived in the New Orleans area for three years as an assistant coach at Tulane and who still knows many people in the area, I feel a personal obligation to lend as much assistance as I can.”

JOE DWYER (Co-Founder, AllCoachNetwork.com/CollegeInsider.com): “Great tragedies prompt great responses and the response of coaches has been tremendous. The damage brought by Hurricane Katrina is unprecedented (in the history of our country) and so is the effort and actions of coaches all across America. Thousands of people need immediate assistance and the entire coaching fraternity has responded. It’s time that America helps their fellow Americans.”

ORLANDO EARLY (Men’s Basketball Coach, University of Louisiana-Monroe): “This horrific tragedy of Hurricane Katrina has affected everyone. It has also put a monumental strain on the victims that were in its path. Living in the state of Louisiana and having players and an assistant from New Orleans, the hurricane has really touched my program on personal level. The energy of our community has been unbelievable in the efforts to assist with the Hurricane victims.”

TIM FLOYD (Men’s Basketball Coach, USC): “My wife and I are proud to call New Orleans our home. We're heartbroken. It's devastating to hear the tragedies first hand from our families and friends. Let's all step up to help the people in America's most unique city.”

RAY GIACOLETTI (Men’s Basketball Coach, University of Utah): “Coaches Care is a great way to get coaches from all sports in the United States to come together and help the people of the Katrina disaster. With so many people in need it is important that we act quickly to bring as much relief as possible. I encourage all coaches, everywhere to get involved with this effort.”

SETH GREENBERG (Men’s Basketball Coach, Virginia Tech): “This is something that all coaches, male and female at every level must get involved with. As coaches we always talk about the team concept. If we are going to make any impact on the hurricane relief efforts, we need to come together as a team to assist all those who desperately need our help.”

FRANK HAITH (Men’s Basketball Coach, University of Miami): “When I see the devastation that has taken place in Louisiana and Mississippi it reminds me what is truly important. This is a trying time for everyone. Billy Kennedy, one of my assistant coaches, and Brandon Okpalobi, a senior on last season's team, both hail from New Orleans and my thoughts and prayers go out to them, their families, and all those who have been affected by this terrible tragedy.”

“One thing we as coaches try to instill in our players is the understanding that a group of individuals can accomplish so much more if they work together as a team. And it is going to require a tremendous team effort if we are going to help those affected by Hurricane Katrina. So I ask that everyone do what they can to help in the relief effort. Because whether you are able to donate time, money or even offer a pray, every little bit helps.”

BEN HOWLAND (Men’s Basketball Coach, UCLA): “Our hearts and prayers go out to all those who have been affected by Hurricane Katrina. As coaches around the country, we do care about helping our fellow citizens get back on their feet and returning to their day-to-day life. It has been gut-wrenching watching the news and seeing all the devastation. "Coaches Care", along with all the hundreds of other humanitarian organizations, hope to help the people in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama begin the rebuilding process.”

BOB KNIGHT (Men’s Basketball Coach, Texas Tech University): “America has the greatest reputation in the world for helping others whenever and wherever disaster strikes. Now, more than ever, it’s important for us to contribute to those who are in need. Your assistance is really beneficial and will be greatly welcomed and appreciated.”

ANGELA LENTO (Co-Founder, AllCoachNetwork.com/CollegeInsider.com): “There are no words to describe what has happened in Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi. As Americans we are always the first to help those around the world in need. Now it’s time to help our own. It’s important to understand that everyone can help to make a difference and that every little bit counts. It is great to see the coaching community doing its’ part, but it’s important that everyone continues to help.”

PHIL MARTELLI (Men’s Basketball Coach, St. Joseph’s University): “The very essence of being a good person is reaching and helping others. At this time it is our responsibility to be good people.”

RICK STANSBURY (Men’s Basketball Coach, Mississippi State University): “As coaches, we are in a unique position to be in leadership roles. I cannot remember another time in recent history when help was needed more urgently than right now. With Hurricane Katrina hitting close to home, so many peoples' lives are affected in the state of Mississippi that it is hard to understand or even imagine the magnitude of devastation we are facing now. Coaches now must come together and get involved in humanitarian efforts to help our people in need!”

JOHN THOMPSON III (Men’s Basketball Coach, Georgetown University): “As educators we attempt to teach and prepare young men for their future. We hope that the lessons and principles of team, cohesiveness, and cooperation learned on the court will carry over and be applied throughout their lives. As a team of coaches we want to come together, to lend a helping hand to the people touched by this disaster and assist them as they prepare for their future.”

DICK VITALE (College Basketball Analyst, ESPN): “Heartbreaking and devastating are only some of the words that can be used to describe the horrific situation that the beautiful people in Louisiana and Mississippi currently face. Millions and millions of dollars are going to be needed to help all of those who have been confronted by Hurricane Katrina's wrath.

Sports fans across the land will have the opportunity to participate in an incredibly unique auction that will provide them with cherished sports memorabilia that will also play a vital role in raising big time dollars for the cause. Coaches throughout the nation are going to make items available that will help so many in need. It also shows that those leaders on the sideline, who work diligently to build men and ladies out of the young people they guide, are also caring and compassionate people as well. Join this campaign and please advise all of your sports friends to support this extraordinary effort. it will be Awesome Baby with a capital "A"!”

BRUCE WEBER (Men’s Basketball Coach, University of Illinois): “Certainly, our hearts and thoughts go to everyone affected by Hurricane Katrina. It is a time for everyone across the nation to work together and respond to help those people in need. As coaches, we often have the ability, because of the nature of our business, to get a certain amount of publicity that might bring more attention to the cause. It's important that everyone who is able to help in any way contribute to the rebuilding of the devastated area as nearly everyone in the nation will be touched in some way.”

WILLIS WILSON (Men’s Basketball Coach, Rice University): “I want to encourage everyone to get involved with the Hurricane Katrina relief effort. So much is needed as the magnitude of this disaster is far reaching. Here in Houston, as well as other communities throughout the country, your help and assistance is needed to help so many get their lives back in order. So many just need a hug and some hope and through “Coaches Care” we have an opportunity to do both.”

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