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Autographed items, tickets and unique one of a kind packages. See what coaches have donated to the auction.

Bob Knight: Complete Big 12 Tournament Package

Notre Dame: 2 Tickets for Notre Dame vs. Navy (Dec. 12)
Thank you for taking the time to donate your item or package to the “Coaches Care” online auction, which will be managed by SnappyAuctions.com, with all proceeds going to Habitat for Humanity. It will take just a few minutes to register.

The auction will begin on Wednesday September 14, with new items being added every day thereafter for two weeks.

Please note that you are planning to donate multiple items, we can assist with the registration process. CLICK HERE to contact us directly.

Before you get started, please note the following.

1. We will need specific details about the item or package. For example, if you are donating an “Experience,” such as “A Day with the Program” it is important to be as detailed as possible.

2. Once you have completed the registration, you will receive a confirmation email. That email will contain a “Lot #” and further instructions, including where to send your item. If you are donating an “Experience” you will be asked to send the details of the experience (on letterhead).

3. To help facilitate the process, all items and packages must be shipped to SnappyAuctions.com. With the mass of expected participation, it is very important to send the item to SnappyAuctions.com as soon as possible.

4. You will be notified by email, as soon as your item or package is available to receive bids.

5. You are welcome to add additional items to the auction at anytime.

6. You will be asked to provide specific contact information so that we may verify and confirm your participation. Any information provided will NOT be redistributed in any way.

7. Lastly, in order to raise as much money as possible, it is very important that you alert your local media and fan base so that they can participate in the auction. Your respective communities and extended communities (alumnus) are probably going to be the most interested parties. Therefore it is important to get the word out.

CLICK HERE to register your item for the Auction.
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