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Notre Dame: 2 Tickets for Notre Dame vs. Navy (Dec. 12)
Dear Coaches:

I would like to thank you for getting involved in the “Coaches Care” program. This concept is proof that, with all coaches working together, we can and will affect a major support for Hurricane Katrina relief. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Our goal is for everyone to work together to help make a difference in the rebuilding of the Gulf Coast region. The response to this effort has been tremendous and we need to continue in this effort.

The best way to achieve our goal is to continue to spread the word. Below are some ideas for ways that each of us can help get the word out about this relief effort.

1. Have your athletics department official website link to the All Coaches Care website (www.allcoachescare.com)

2. Contact local radio and television outlets and be available to them in publizing this  effort.

3. Get other coaches involved in this project. Contact your friends throughout the nation and get them involved.

4. Have your sports information office issue a press release with your item and specifics on the web site to the media in your area and region.

5. Make mention of the effort on all coaches radio and television programs in the coming weeks.

It is important that we get men’s and women’s coaches from all sports and on all levels involved. One of the great things about the response we have already received is the vastly different ways coaches are getting involved. It’s not just an autographed ball or jersey; it’s coaching clinics, fishing trips and dinners with the coach. Below are some ideas for the ways that coaches from all levels can get involved.

1. 50/50 raffles.

2. Car washes.

3. Raffles to all-events season passes to all sporting events on your campus.

4. Special parking at events.

Once again, I thank each and every one of you for becoming involved in this effort. This is not sprint -- this is a marathon. This is an effort that will and must continue to work. This is a process, no different than building a team or a program. Please help us in getting the word out and making this an event that makes a difference in our country. If I can be of any assistance in your efforts, please contact me.


Seth Greenberg
Head Men's Basketball Coach
Virginia Tech

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